About Us

Black Wolf K9 Services S.L. is privately owned Spanish company ,one of the Spanish leading Specialist in Canine (K9) Training Disciplines and supplying our own dogs such as Explosive Detection,Narcotic Detection ,Patrol/Guard Dogs ,Search&Recue dogs,Dog Handlers and Dog Teams and many other security and detection areas where dedicated K9 Teams can be effectively deployed. Black Wolf have trained,suported and provided continuous patrol/explosive /narcotic detection canine services to the UN,Coalition Forces ,Military,Police ,Security Companies ,NGOs etc globally including under hazardous conditions such as Balkan,Africa,Middle East,Central and South America . All our K9 Teams are 

-Licensed ,Recognised and Accredit by AESA -Spanish Aviation Safety and Security National Agency

-Licensed ,Recognised and Accredit by National Police

-Licensed,Recognised and Accredit by Guardia Civil (Spanish Gendarmerie )

Under the authority of both the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defence.

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