Black Wolf K9 Service and its K-9 partners provide Explosive Detection, Narcotic Detection and Patrol/Guard Dogs, Dog Handlers and Dog Teams for operations within high threat areas in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Our K-9 professionals support the U.S., NATO, EU and the UN globally including under hazardous conditions. Our K-9 services include but not limited to :

• Dog teams for Explosives, Narcotics, Cadaver Detection and Police Patrol Dogs
• Dog Teams for Security, Law Enforcement, Defense, Intelligence, and Events    
• Dog Teams for Commercial Sector Enterprises and Events
• Kennel Master Training and Certification
• Dog Team Handler Training and Certifications
• Explosive Detection Dog Team Training and Certification
• Narcotics Detection Dog Team Training and Certification
• Currency Detection Dog Team Training and Certification
• Police Dog Team Training and Certification
• Construction of K-9 Kennels, Recreation and Training Facilities

Advance service

• Specialised K9 Training for Security / Police Dog Squads – teams small to large
• Low, Medium or High Risk K9 Implementation
• Detection Dog Team Organisation, Training and Certification
• Working Dog Development
• Problem solving for working dogs (Detection and Protection Dogs)
• Dog Maintenance
• Canine Health & First Aid
• Tactical Dog Training (Patrol dogs,Narcotic dogs,Explosive dogs)
• Tracking / Searching ( Rescue dogs)
• Detector Dog & Unit Training
• K9 Unit Development & Implementation
• Kennel Management
• Specialist Trainer Training
• Certification and accreditation for K9 teams

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